What is Environmental Graphic Design?

As all design aficionados, enthusiasts, and devotees will tell you, there are many disciplines within design.  The one that would probably drum up the most questions is environmental design. Also referred to as experiential design, there’s actually an entire organization dedicated to educating the community about this field (that’s how you know it’s low key).

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design, formerly known as the Society for Environmental Graphic Design, defines it as the coming together of “visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating identity and information, and shaping the idea of creating experiences that connect people to place.”

Think of it like this…

Graphic Design + Interior Design + Landscape Design + Industrial Design                                

It is the way you tell your story through a built environment. Your space is ultimately the destination that people will be drawn to--use design to create an experience and define how they engage with your brand.

As branders, we’re required to remind you that your visual identity extends far beyond the traditional measures. We are experienced in cultivating ideas and building institutions, so we’re pretty keen on making sure that you have a consistent brand presence. Environmental graphic design is simply the way you brand your space and bring your surroundings to life.


When designing, we like to keep your goal in mind.

  • What is the purpose of your space?

  • How do you want your audience to interact with it?

Take a look at some of our work in the environmental design realm.

Client: Pancake Social
Atlanta, GA

Our goal with Pancake Social was to embody the spirit of the traditional pancake breakfast shared with family and friends by creating something fun and inviting within the space. We used our infamous pancake branding pattern and utilized it for the floor tile design. For their customers, interacting with the floors has become an integral part of the dining experience.

Client: Pulse
Elkhart, IN

Pulse is not your average convenience store. When they came to us with their vision of creating a modern lifestyle gas station that offers customizable brick oven pizzas, freshly brewed coffee, fro-yo, and a self-serve candy bar, we were pumped. Their innovative concept, fit for those on the go or those who want to take their time, required a vibrant design. Because of all the unique offerings, communication and distinction were important in our designing of the store’s interiors and exteriors.

Client: Gezzo’s
Mcdonough, GA

When it came time to design Gezzo’s West Coasts Burritos food truck, we wanted to embody their brand and make you feel like you were grabbing lunch at a truck on the Santa Monica pier. Our design focus was to display their love for natural ingredients, art, and beach culture.

Client: Sukoshi
Charlotte, NC

Traditional wallpapers are a thing of the past for Sukoshi. This sushi “fine-casual” restaurant caters to the to-go crowd, which meant their space would be limited. They had less square footage to make an impression on diners, so we decided to use their branding pattern to quickly capture customers and create the “cheeky, on-the-go environment” it required.

Client: Little Star
Atlanta, GA

We were able to bring our graphics to life in Little Star Provisions, a sandwich shop in the westside of Atlanta. Characterized by its signature black and white doodles and illustrations, it puts the brand right at the counter. Our designs are featured in the wall of the seating area and across the fridges that feature top-shelf meat and the artisanal cheese and specialty items. You’ll know you’re at Little Star in an instant.