We're giving away a brand!

As a woman-led small business, Treebird Branding feels compelled to do our part to advance the cause of female empowerment.

So in celebration of International Women’s Day, we're gifting a full branding program to a woman-owned business.

That's right. A free brand for your lady-business

So what's included? 

A design guide with your logo, fonts, colors, design elements, tagline, and a positioning statement that describes your marketplace category of one, distinctive values, unique methods, and brand promise.

You're already out there day after day, fighting the good fight, and inspiring your followers. 

Now you can fully align your look and feel with your mission, increase your influence, and feel good about your bottom line. 

Women of the world unite! 

How to apply:

Email Jaci at jaci@treebirdbranding.com the following:

  • A description of your business, your audience, and the "why?" behind what you do. 
  • A compelling case for why your business needs new branding. 
  • A summary of how you would pay this award forward. 
  • Applications due March 17th, 2017

Make it personal, make it compelling, and make it hard for us to say no! 

Jaci Lund