We have a winner!


First, we must thank all the women that applied for this giveaway. We were blown away by the creativity, thoughtfulness, and passion everyone showed while explaining their "why" to us. Choosing one winner was certainly a challenge, to say the least. 

We are thrilled to announce the Aimee Copeland Foundation as the winner of our International Women's Day brand giveaway. Check out Aimee's application below and see why we absolutely had to say "yes!" to her foundation. 

Hi Jaci, 

My name is Aimee Copeland and my story is my “why”. After a zip-lining accident in 2012, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis – a flesh-eating, bacterial infection. While the doctors worked hard to save my life, they had to amputate both my hands, my right foot and my entire left leg. 

Before the infection, I was extremely active. You could often find me rock climbing, backpacking and trail running. So I quickly became frustrated with what seemed to be my new situation –  just sitting in a wheelchair. A huge part of who I was no longer seemed accessible to me. And I wasn’t alone. People who use wheelchairs are often separated from the outdoors due to mobility and accessibility issues. 

Being in a wheelchair has shifted my perspective, as I now fully realize the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities. And throughout my recovery, it became evident that physical barriers are not the only obstacles these individuals must overcome. People with auditory, visual, cognitive and behavioral impairments also have unique mental health needs. 

Since the accident, I have relearned how to connect with nature. I bike, swim, kayak and lay in the grass – just like I used to. Reconnecting with the outdoors has been an essential component to my physical, mental and spiritual recovery. And developing a safe space that promotes healing, while providing accessible outdoor environments, has become my passion and my goal. To do this, I created the Aimee Copeland Foundation, which will raise funds to build and run an inclusive wellness park and holistic therapy center – right here in Atlanta. The center will provide accessible outdoor opportunities and other adaptive recreation for visitors of all abilities, including gardening, yoga, cooking and fitness classes. Therapeutic services will include individual and group psychotherapy, retreats and workshops. And, as a licensed master of social work, and a practicing mental health counselor, I will provide counseling to individuals with physical, mental and developmental disabilities –  for little to no cost.

ACF believes that body, mind and soul are one, and the magic of the outdoors can enhance physical, mental and spiritual health. Open to all community members, the center will bring together people of all races, religions and socioeconomic statuses; raising awareness about differences and promoting inclusivity. Low to no-cost therapeutic services will allow individuals to receive therapy who would otherwise not have the ability. The holistic programs, such as yoga and cooking classes, will help build social connections and strengthen the community. And most importantly, access to the outdoors at the center will foster independence, leading to improved wellness for community members of all ages and abilities.  

We have begun fundraising efforts and are set to break ground on the center in 2019. However, ACF does not have a branding budget at this time. All proceeds raised through ACF will directly support our wellness center – I do not take a salary and the members of our board are all volunteers. 

The gift of an authentic, compelling brand would give our mission a visual identity. It would help us to raise awareness of the importance of making programs and services accessible to people with disabilities. It would enable us to build relationships with our donors and establish connections with those we hope to serve. And later, it would act as a welcome sign for people of all abilities into our holistic, healing center. The recreational experiences and the mental health services our visitors receive will be the tangible results of this award, paid forward.

As your website says, “your brand is an idea, needing a coherent voice.” My idea is one that seeks to empower those with disabilities – from wheelchair-bound toddlers to the elderly who wish they could garden again – to enjoy fuller lives. I wish to make the seemingly impossible, possible for them. Because I believe that we are all imperfectly perfect, and everyone deserves the chance to play.

I hope Treebird will consider our application for the gift of branding. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any additional questions. 

All the best, 

Aimee Copeland
Executive Director
The Aimee Copeland Foundation

We're thrilled to be able to provide branding services to support this incredible foundation. We'll be posting updates about our proccess along the way. Stay tuned! 

Jaci Lund