Show your support for Houston on your sleeve. Ok, your chest.

Humans can get their minds around a disaster like this. While it's devastating, we have the intellect to make sense of it. Animals do not. Instead, they suffer in grief and turmoil, clawing for survival while often separated from their human families. They cling to gates and medians, scrambling their legs while hoping for a human friend to deliver them. The Humane Society saves animals, helps give shelter, and helps bring animals and owners, old and new, together again. And the tireless employees and volunteers of the Humane Society work to ensure that our entire family--human, animal, and otherwise-- recovers from this disaster. 

It's a hard time for us all. And perhaps we can judge our own character on how well we treat innocent animals, who look to us for safety and life.

100% of the proceeds go to the Houston Humane Society 

Jaci Lund