This is Jeop-BIRD-y!


Let's meet today's contestants:

From Atlanta, GA, Tay❤️
From New York, Kyleigh
From the Intersection of Smooth and Jazz, Two Time Terry🎶
From her safe space, LAUЯEN
And, straight from down the street, Rhonda Jo!

And now! Here is the host of Jeop-BIRD-y: Jaci Treebirk!

Today's Categories:

Our Enneagrams, Ourselves
WWJD (What Would Jaci Do)
Guess the 'grams
Treebird Creedo

+ What is everyone's Enneagram type?

What is: Eric & Lauren, 2; Jaci, 3; Erin & Taylor, 7; Kyleigh, 9

+ According to Enneagrams, How does Jaci manage sales and clients?

What is: Make the client’s life easier!

+ What Enneagram is Hermione Granger?

What is: 5, The Investigator

+ Gene Belcher?

What is: 7, The Enthusiast

+ Finish the Sentence: Your Brand is ready to take root in fertile soul...

What is: And then take Flight.

And Now, For Final Jeop-BIRD-y!

+ Finish this statement by Marty Neurmeir “A brand is not what you say it is?”

What is: "It’s what They Say it is"


Join us next month for Treebird's Monthly Ides of Creativity update!

Spoiler: It's about vegetables and personality.

Jaci Lund