How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?

Are you waking up to hot lemon water? Black coffee? Doing Whole30 and hitting the gym six times a week?

If you are, congrats! You’re doing better than 98% of us.

If, on the other hand, you’re part of the 98%, you might have already slipped back into your old habits, the ones that didn’t get you the results you were hoping for.

ann perkins jogging is hard

Maybe one of your resolutions was to tighten up social media for your business. You know there’s got to be a better way than “random poor-quality photo of office lunch followed 13 days later by an inspirational quote” method. The slight panic that comes with realizing you have no idea what to post gets old real fast.

We can help!

Resolve to put social media to work for your business and let us be your coach. We have a couple of different options for our clients. You can do [links here] or whatever works best for you.

Resolution: Post Quality Content

Phone camera technology is pretty amazing. But the truth is that just posting photos without a consistent aesthetic (filters, editing, etc.) is pretty lackluster. And let’s be honest, in the middle of a frantic workday, coming up with hilarious captions is no picnic.

Treebird can handle this for you. We develop a consistent look for your Instagram grid and supplement where needed with our in-house photographers and videographers. We also research hashtags and spend time crafting captions that drive engagement.

Resolution: Be Consistent and Plan Ahead

Everyone means to plan ahead. So you may tell yourself you’re going to plan a month of posts in advance but still find yourself scrambling every morning trying to think of what to post. Hey, no judgement! You’ve got a business to run.

Treebird plans content for you 3 weeks to a month ahead of posting so that you can review it once, make any edits or adjustments, and then basically forget it til next time. You are still free to post if inspiration strikes but you don’t need to worry about a post going up because we’re on top of it.

Resolution: Keep Track of Your Efforts

Tracking your Instagram efforts isn’t as simple as likes and followers. It’s important to regularly track analytics and see which posting times get the most interaction and to look at what kind of posts your audience really engages with.

Once again: We got you. We provide detailed monthly metrics and use them to plan the next round of content.

Let’s face it: Giving up carbs is HARD.

but it's hard

Partnering with Treebird to maximize your social media efforts is easy. You may not stick to every one of your resolutions (Seriously, dry January? Why bother?) but this is one you can definitely crush.

This is your year!

Jaci Lund