DRUM ROLL, PLEASE! Introducing Treebird’s Social Media Partnerships

Everyone knows businesses need to be using social media. But when it comes to figuring out social media, the room can get awfully quiet. It’s more than just posting snaps of your lunch or announcing a two-for-one special. Getting social right requires the hard work of finding your audience, planning and creating content that connects with them, and measuring your efforts to see if they’re working.

Fortunately, we’ve figured it out!

In the past, we’ve handed off troves of content to a client, only to have them file it away somewhere, unsure how best to use it. Or had clients give the content to another social media management team who had no hand in developing it and, once again, did not use it to its fullest.

Great content really doesn’t do much for you if it sits in a folder.

With our new social partnerships, we work with you to determine your business goals and how we can put social media to work and help you reach them. We plan out all your social media content for an entire month. We analyze patterns over time to discover when your audience is most active, what sorts of content they like most, and what doesn’t seem to be working.

In other words, we make your content work for you while you run your business. We get to do what we’re good at and you get to keep doing what you’re good at without scrambling to figure out what to post every day.   

Here’s how it works:

We develop the content monthly and pre-plan the posts. You interact with your customers, answering their questions and adding spontaneous, fun posts when you feel like it. This cuts down on the back-and-forth and allows us to charge a lower monthly fee, thus saving you money!

Before officially launching the program, we “piloted” it with a few different clients and discovered some things. We expanded an initial one-size-fits-all approach to include options for clients who want something a bit more instructional [link to social mini] that they can then take over. We also added an option for clients who are comfortable planning and managing their social media but want more interesting graphics to enhance their messages [link to just the graphics].

You can read more about how the partnerships work here. And next time, we’ll share a couple of case studies we think you’ll find interesting. We hope these new Social Media Partnerships make your lives easier, free up your time, and boost your bottom line! [CTA]

Jaci Lund