Treebird Branding Website Week: A Shark Week-inspired adventure

Take a look at planet earth from outer space and it’s obvious: The world is covered in internet. Internet makes up no less than 75% of our daily activities, dwarfing “real” activities by a large margin.

And aside from man, one dangerous species more than any other thrives in the unregulated ether of the internet, from Cape Horn to Cape May, waiting to strike:

While websites don’t count small businesses as natural predators—they much prefer .org sites, .edu sites, and seals—we can’t pretend attacks don’t happen. And branding experts have noted a marked increase in the amount of unprovoked website attacks on small businesses in recent years, resulting in nasty injuries to revenue, staff amputations, and, in the most extreme cases, insolvent, forlorn death.

Now, small business owners everywhere eye the internet with the wary gaze of a one-armed mariner. On the one hand, it’s the most dynamic and diverse ecosystem in the entire world. And as the other, now-missing hand proves quite clearly, disaster lurks just below the fold.

Will this new website launch or redesign be your small business’s triumph over the white whale, or will your entire crew be dragged to their eternal resting place in the crushing depths of Davey Jones locker?

Enter Treebird. Combining the moxie and bravado of Quint with the intellect and expertise of Hooper and the calm, visionary leadership of Brody, Treebird has helped countless small businesses not only navigate the chaotic waters of the internet, but turn the Gulf Stream into the revenue stream, the Mariana Trench into a deep reserve of new clients.

Before this extended metaphor becomes as unbelievable as Air Jaws, we will leave you with some of our recent client examples of websites tamed from wild, man-eating monsters into the best of their natures. When we stop treating them like enemies, and embrace their natural tendencies, we find that we can all live together peacefully, here on the high seas of the earth’s internet. 

Jaci Lund