Everyday we’re hustlin’: Announcing Treebird Custom Stationery

While the Boss, Rick Ross, is not necessarily Treebird’s spiritual coach, he makes a valid point in his seminal 2006 hit “Hustlin’.”

At Treebird, we’re extending the common definition of hustling to include the side hustle. The side hustle, like the traditional hustle, never sleeps, but it also requires a bit more creativity and inspiration than the hustle-to-survive hustle. The side hustle is not a dance, but a person can dance as their side hustle. The side hustle is all about taking what we do best—at Treebird, that means graphic things, aesthetic things, useful things, interesting things—and adding a bit of spin, a bit of English, to make a whole new venture that widens our influence and makes people’s lives a modicum more enjoyable.

We can even cite several “legitimate” resources who weigh in on the importance of the side hustle.

Mashable. The art of manliness. There’s even a whole website devoted to the side hustle:  

Our custom stationery fits this philosophy perfectly. Here’s why.

1) Life’s too short for Hallmark, or even those clever Target cards.
Convenience is nice for paper towels and face wash. But at Treebird, we believe interpersonal communication should count for a bit more. So instead of relying on a generic template, make your personal correspondences, well, personal. People will notice—and appreciate the gesture. 

2)  In our hyper-digital age, the thoughtful, hand-written note means more than ever. Imagine this. Your best friend finds a hand-addressed, colorful envelope in her mailbox one day. Perplexed and excited, she tears through the thick paper to reveal a beautifully designed, custom card inside. Opening the card, she immediately recognizes your handwriting. She reads it no fewer than six times. She finds a magnet and sticks it on the side of the fridge, where everyday it serves as a reminder of what matters, and why. Or you can just send her another clipped email or ‘like’ her Facebook post. 

3) Our sophisticated and personalized designs make you look sophisticated and thoughtful. Which of course you already are. Treebird stationery just expands your already existing awesomeness into another context. You wouldn’t serve a box of Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches and canned orange juice for brunch. Isn't it high time you started to take your stationery just as seriously? 

The stationery revolution will not be televised. But it will be mailed. And it starts now. It starts with you, and it starts with Treebird, and it extends to your circle of friends, your family, even that friend of a friend who left a serving dish at your house. When you return it with a quick note on your stationery, the world just got a little more tolerable, didn’t it? 

Check out the stationery line below!

Patrick Kelly