Color Report: Gold

Just 5 years ago, during the hardest economic depression that the U.S. has faced in recent history, brown was the it color. Brown is a safe, comforting color that provided stability for consumers during a hard time. On the other end of the spectrum, metallics, especially golds, have recently been popping up everywhere. Gold is known to represent success, affluence, luxury, and extravagance. Does Treebird think that this gold design trend could predict a period of economic prosperity?


New York Fashion week, which featured the upcoming trends for Fall 2014, was littered with gold designs. Badgley Mischka gilded all of their fabrics in gold! Now that is extravagance. Maybe they were inspired by this Adventure Club Dubstep Remix of the Flight Facilities song Crave You. Can we, please, walk into a room dripping in gold just once?

Take a look at a few of the goldies that we're loving right now (and are a bit more attainable than a gold- washed ball gown).

So maybe all that glitters isn't gold, but here at Treebird we're happy to hop on this color trend. This design is a Treebird original that was letterpressed with black and gold ink. How amazing would it be to pull that golden envelope out of your mailbox?!