The birth of Treebird

The chants within us started softly and, over time, grew raucous. Let’s start a  business! They grew in scope and ambition. Let’s take on big new challenges! They turned into mantras. We shall crow self-sufficiency and work ourselves to the bone! We shall solve problems from scratch! We shall combine images and words and light and color and meaning in beautiful new ways! We will help others do the same! We will exclaim almost every sentiment we have! 

Inside our own heads, it was all too easy to cross the line of moxie and step right into hubris. But in the actual world, we knew we must be more measured, must salt the roiling waters of unbridled possibility with a handful of practicality. Lest Poseidon awaken the Kraken to teach us a lesson, we came to understand that possessing absolute freedom to create and work and succeed on our own terms also granted us absolute freedom to fail and self-destruct.

no, Kraken. We’re reframing “hubris” here. Move along now, please.

no, Kraken. We’re reframing “hubris” here. Move along now, please.

And so Treebird Branding comes into existence this April 2013 after much careful thought and consideration. Armed with a healthy self-confidence in our talents and girded by years of industry experience and craft-honing, we also possess the requisite amount of healthy self-doubt to know that always, there remain things that we don’t yet know. 

At our core, we’re a graphic designer and writer who found our way into the world of marketing and branding and who, over the years, figured out how to be really good at what we do. Our mission is to work in partnership with forward-thinking individuals and businesses—people with visions and missions of their own—to launch, sustain, and extend unique brands through clear and compelling communications. 

We are not content with the status quo. We reject the bordinary. We are disciples of design thinking. We put audience above ego. We don’t think empathy is a “soft” skill. We believe creativity is partially innate but mostly cultivated. We know marketing and ethics can—and should—go hand-in-hand. We convince, but we don’t lie. We realize that everything is a remix. We find inspiration in the world. Which includes you.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.