Feed your ear balls: The music we liked to listen to in 2013

1. Gulag Orkestar, Beirut

Pleasant gypsy music. Good for cooking and long-distance travel.

2. Let's Dance, David Bowie

Sure, Mr. Bowie came out with a new album this year, but it just reminded us how much we like this song. 

3. My Love Took Me Down to the River to Silence Me, Little Green Cars

Creepy and soft of joyful.

4. Bitch, I Love You, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

We laugh just about every time this song comes on. Plus it fulfills our desire to be the kind of people that listen to blues music. 

5. Workin' Woman's Blues, Valerie June

We realize that it's pretty much mandatory to include Ms. June on just about any music list from 2013 and we don't care. She's just that good.

6. King and Cross, Asgier

Our Icelandic ear and eye candy.

7. Master Hunter, Laura Marling

Where did Ms. Marling come from? She's like a country lady Bob Dylan!

8. Heartbeat, Kopecky Family Band

We love songs with clapping. 

9. Move to the Ocean (Baauer Remix), Brick and Mortar

Mia Michaels choreographed a creepy circus performance to this one and it grew on us.

10. Green Garden, Laura Mvula

Another darling of the  2013 year in review. Alright girls, go girls! 

11. Clocks vs. Darts, Modern Rivals

Once you accept the male falsetto and twee-ness of it all, it's actually a pretty epic song. 

12. Me N U, Ortolan

The first of a couple sister-acts on the list. 

13. Don't Let Me Die in Florida, Patty Griffin

Is Ms. Griffin trying to tell us something? How old is she anyways? 

14. Common Sentiments, Typhoon

Mr. Morton writes about complications due to living with Lyme disease. Heavy and beautiful work. 

15. Falling, HAIM

We love these gals so much we don't care about the bassface or the fact that no one (including us) can pronounce their name.

16. Down the Road Tonight, Hayes Carll

It's the best list ever sung.

17. Tempest, Lucius

Thanks to NPR for pointing these gals out to us. 

18. Break My Stride, Matthew Wilder

Best for loud singing while in traffic.

19. Anything by Lorde.