Jaci Lund
creative director

Jaci’s quick wit, intent listening, and native intelligence come across as soon as you meet her—and carry over to her branding and graphic identity solutions, where she fuses strategy and sophistication, daring and restraint in just the right doses. With a dual focus on creating original branding for new concepts and revitalizing the look and feel of even the most-established brands, Jaci approaches each project with a fresh, thoughtful, and insightful perspective. While she recognizes the relevance of current trends, she’s hyper-conscious of the fine line that separates “trend” from “fad,” and tends toward more timeless and classic looks for her clients. 

Jaci has quickly grown Treebird from a home-based start-up into a fully staffed firm by serving, first and foremost, as a trusted listener and a voracious learner. No matter the industry, Jaci wants to hear the story first, learn the background, and only then does she shift to her role as a cultivator of ideas. She values close working relationships, partnering on design and branding projects with visionaries, entrepreneurs, and business leaders whom she admires greatly and whose own passion elevates her own sense of what’s possible through elegantly executed design, branding, and communication. Clients bring Jaci ideas—sometimes raw, sometimes more polished—and she helps them breathe life and vigor into each concept and project. 

Jaci's won numerous ADDY Awards for her design and branding work and has been featured in the national design blog “Art of the Menu.” She holds a B.A. in communications from Michigan State University and completed the graphic design program at The Creative Circus, where she previously taught a quarterly course called “Introduction to Creative Thinking.”

Patrick Kelly
editorial director

In addition to serving as Jaci’s fulltime thinking partner, Patrick heads up all things editorial at Treebird. A fiction writer by nature, Patrick transitioned to the world of strategic branding in 2005 where he brings a literary sensibility to bear on market realities. Patrick is something of an editorial chameleon, capable of writing across a spectrum of styles, from widely disparate points of view, and to a variety of audiences, all while maintaining a convincing and compelling voice that stems from his dual insistence on empathy and story. Patrick earned a dual B.A. in English and political science from the University of Notre Dame and an MFA in creative writing from Purdue University, where he also taught composition and intro to creative writing and served as fiction editor of the university’s literary journal.


Kyleigh is a maker of things, which comes in handy as a graphic designer. An accomplished book binder, she’s the go-to in Treebird’s production studio when it comes to comping, binding, letter-pressing, and anything to do with hand skills. Kyleigh is also a doer of things, which comes in handy for Treebird clients. Possessing a comprehensive knowledge of fonts, an ever-evolving interest in emerging styles, and a head-down work ethic that keeps one ear to the grindstone with the other open to team feedback, Kyleigh gets things done for our clients and keeps projects on the move and ahead of schedule. A native of Cooperstown, NY, Kyleigh moved down south to attend SCAD Atlanta, where she received her BFA in graphic design. While she interned at firms across Atlanta, she found her home as a designer at Treebird, where we all appreciate her extensive knowledge of Doctor Who.


Erin is Treebird’s all-around art enthusiast, which also makes her our resident illustrator. So when it comes to hand-done type, hand-crafted patterns, and hilarious doodles of animals and Bob’s Burgers’ characters, Erin takes the lead. A consummate learner, Erin constantly experiments with new crafts and mediums, from illustration to painting to textile design, to see how she can integrate fresh elements into her work. She also brings the fun to the office, and has rarely met a pun she did not like. A native of Wilmington, North Carolina and later a resident of Orlando, Erin attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she received her BFA in graphic design with a background in Fibers. While in Savannah, she also worked for SCAD’s Working Class Studio for two years, where she learned the art of production and the ins and outs of how a small business runs—skills that come in pretty handy at Treebird.


Adam brings many years of freelance experience to Treebird, where he excels at creating user experiences and web design that leverage social media and SEO. This could quickly sound like jargon if not for the fact that Adam actually lives it, taking online classes in his spare time to learn new skills (social media marketing and management, SEO tactics, mobile app design). He takes on every project from a user’s perspective—design isn’t just about producing a pretty thing, but about creating a reaction and a response with the user. This philosophy guides Adam to design collateral and websites that don’t just organize information, but produce an experience. Adam earned his B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design in graphic design, grew up in upstate South Carolina, has a bevy of student ADDY awards with his name on them, and has worked with Keller Williams, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Michelin, and others before finding his niche at Treebird.


Taylor shoots photos and scores design points because she sees the world through a visceral, ever-adapting lens. Multi-disciplinary is the best way to describe Taylor’s approach, as she melds a multisensory pastiche of inspirations into each client narrative. She can be restless within a single medium, which inspires her to reach beyond the expected and achieve surprising graphic solutions. While her interests lie in branding and package design, Taylor produces the full array of Treebird deliverables with moxie and aplomb. She earned her B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design in graphic design with a minor in photography, worked as an in-house designer and social media coordinator at an online glass shop while attending college, and learned how an e-commerce website and a small start-up company works and thrives. These lessons prove valuable to birds and clients alike.

office MANAGER

Lauren is Treebird’s front-of-the-house mainstay, handling both incoming traffic and keeping the creatives in line through schedules, spreadsheets, and all manner of orderly wrangling. As a creative person herself—a maker of clothing, a makeup artist, a photography producer—Lauren understands both how we work and how to address the sometimes ineffable desires of our clients. Her years in the client service industry show in her commitment to maintaining friendly, open, and productive human relationships. And her vocation in mentoring women struggling with addiction shows Lauren’s heart and soul—a human being who recognizes the best in all of us, and shares her own strength and experience in elevating people to new heights.